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jGnucash-Lib is a complete java-library for manipulating the file-format of the gnucash open source accounting-software. This library is complete enough to be an accounting-system on it's own, you just need to add a custom user-interface (I did that and all needed additions to this library are here for your taking).

It is distributed in 3 versions:
(I know it's cheap; It was just a lot of work and thus I'm not comfortable taking it all to the open source. But at least I wanted to give something back that can be used for a lot of usefull new code to be written.)
Version: read-only GPL-Version
binary-only version
source+binary version
Download: Get it HERE Ask me to send it to you Ask me to send it to you
read all sorts of gnucash-files X X X
fully multi-currency capable
including stock
fixed-point arithmetic minimizing rounding-errors
(no more 0.499999€)
proven, established, user -readable xml file -format inclusing xml -schema for validation X X X
write gnucash-files - X X
includes special JSP-Tag-Library
see javadoc
- X X
includes graphical(swing) gnucash file-viewer
- X X
contains additional convenience-methods - X X
contains Winston-Export for a german Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung cron-job - work in progress work in progress
includes customizable csv-import -module for transactions
(written for Comdirect Bank Ag but easily adaptable)
- - X
Template-driven transaction-import from emails, csv-files, ...
(react to emails from your online-shop or payment-provider automatically)
- work in progress work in progress
Implementation of easy xml-templated transactions including formulas to calculate field-values and marks for editable/fixed fields - - X